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The Cops and You

As a retired police officer, I miss a few things about my old job. I miss speeding down the road toward a catastrophe, weaving in and out of traffic with my police lights and siren blaring. I miss arriving at the chaos and seeing the relief wash over people’s faces. I miss sorting out what happened and taking control of the scene. And most of all, I still miss catching bad guys and putting them in jail.

I would never tire of being a police officer, but I felt a calling to leave a bigger mark on the world. Even after 15 years on the job, I was at ease knowing that even if I kept doing police work until I was 65, I would still miss it when I left.

Today, there’s a growing trend in controversial officer-involved incidents, the number of officers killed in the line of duty, and the public’s growing and undeserving distrust of police officers across the country. As a former police officer, I’m compelled to speak up about these issues.

Naturally I’ll never convince the minority of anarchists, criminals, racists, and violent activists of anything. I am speaking to you: the law-abiding silent majority of people who are good, hardworking, and honest. I’m speaking to those who value respect, law and order, other people, and our amazing country. I address the growing problems in our society and the war on police in my new book, From Boy to Blue.

Start with this book and we will repair the public’s deteriorating perception of the police. We are all in this community relationship together, and the police are a big part of the community’s well-being. Think of this like marital counseling: We have to work together in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. From Boy to Blue explains what’s changed over the years to make public perception of the police crash, and what you can do to help restore this relationship.

In my book, I speak up, explain, articulate, and teach. And with this new information, the country will once again look to the men and women in uniform as the patron saints of peace, honor, service, and respect. In turn, the police will continue to watch over you while you sleep, keep your neighborhoods safe, and rush to save you when you need them.


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