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Detailed biography of Steve Warneke.


steve warneke

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Steve concluded his distinguished 15-year tenure with the Denver Police Department with a tapestry of roles that showcased his commitment to service. His journey included stints as a patrol officer, neighborhood police officer, field training officer, financial crimes detective, sergeant, certified hostage negotiator, internal affairs investigator, and a pivotal role as a supervisor in the media relations department.

Throughout his tenure, Steve not only earned the department's Distinguished Service Cross twice but also garnered multiple Official Commendations, and was nominated for a Presidential Medal of Valor.

​In the dynamic realm of media, Steve emerged as a luminary. His exceptional work with the Denver Police Department's media relations team earned him two Emmy Awards and four Edward R Murrow Awards, recognizing his excellence in communication and public relations.

Beyond the badge, Steve made history as Denver's first openly gay radio talk show host on the city's largest AM station, 850 KOA. His unique voice and perspective resonated, contributing to a more inclusive dialogue in the public sphere.

Adding to his impactful legacy, Steve delved into the critical realm of law enforcement mental health. He identified and wrote about Law Enforcement Distress Syndrome (LEDS), conducting a comprehensive survey involving over 1000 police officers. This groundbreaking work not only shed light on the effects of cumulative trauma but also became a cornerstone in his mission to educate and empower law enforcement professionals.

Currently, Steve continues his advocacy by touring the country as a sought-after speaker, sharing insights on mental health issues and suicide prevention within the law enforcement community. As a media contributor and police expert, his voice reaches far and wide, fostering understanding between communities and the dedicated individuals who serve them.



My mission is to ensure community safety, promote excellence in communication, and focus on mental health awareness within law enforcement. Through my dedication and experiences, I aim to educate and empower law enforcement professionals, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the challenges they face. My commitment extends to building bridges between law enforcement and the public, creating a more inclusive and informed dialogue that enhances trust and collaboration.



My vision is to establish a harmonious relationship between justice and society by leveraging effective communication and media outreach. Through a sustained focus on mental health issues, I aspire to support and strengthen the long-term well-being of police officers. By bridging the gap between law enforcement and communities, my vision is to create sustainable partnerships that promote understanding and collaboration. Additionally, my goal is to contribute to the broader discourse on mental health within the law enforcement community, fostering an environment of empathy, support, and proactive well-being initiatives.

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