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 An important first step

Colorado Native

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-  Mehmet Emin

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How Steve's Work is Making a Difference.

from boy to blue

From Boy to BLUE

4.8 (28)

In From Boy to Blue: Becoming One of America's Finest, I invite you into the heart and mind of a police officer—a journey that is as raw as it is eye-opening. This isn't just a book: it's a deeply personal narrative, a testament to the human spirit, and an urgent call for understanding. But this isn't just a story about uniformed figures enforcing the law. It's a glimpse into the hearts of those who rush to the aid of strangers, who carry the weight of compassion alongside the burden of responsibility. It's a tale of heroes, not in the extraordinary sense, but in the everyday moments where ordinary people rise to extraordinary challenges. It's about the toll such a life takes on the human spirit, the cumulative weight of witnessing violence, and the indomitable spirit that keeps these heroes going. From Boy to Blue isn't merely a story; it's a mirror reflecting the humanity in all of us. It's a narrative that transcends the boundaries of law enforcement and reaches into the very soul of society. Through these words, you'll gain a profound insight into the minds of those who protect and serve, fostering empathy and understanding. I urge you to join me on this transformative journey. Together, let's bridge the divide, nurture compassion, and build a world where understanding reigns. Because this audiobook isn't just a tale—it's a movement toward a more compassionate and harmonious society. Purchase your copy today and be a part of this essential conversation.

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Amazon Reviews

How Steve's Work is Making a Difference.

I bought this Kindle book yesterday and it was excellent. I usually don't finish reading a 200 page book in a day but this was a rare exception. It was very enlightening and enjoyable reading and I highly recommend it. From Boy to Blue is written so that people of all ages can understand and enjoy it, and it could be helpful in showing a young person upset by an event involving officers that the police are not their enemies and need not be feared. There are a lot of misconceptions about law enforcement which sadly often lead to negative perceptions about the police and their work. I am hoping books such as this one will help to break that cycle and help to repair the relationship between the community and police. When one seeks to gain a deeper understanding regarding a given subject, it is important to not rely on hearsay or conjecture but to try to go to as many primary sources as possible, and on this topic it means to get information directly from law enforcement regarding how and why they are trained to react to situations as they are before an informed decision can be made about police. This book is very helpful in understanding what officers must do to keep themselves and others safe, the need for them to be eternally vigilant against possible threats and to observe and act upon dangers that those of us lacking training would probably not notice. I would also suggest as a sort of companion to this book that if possible, attend a Citizen's Police Academy. Police officers and District Attorneys will be there to explain the law, what police can and cannot do, when they can and cannot pull someone over, what types of weapons they use under what circumstances, why people are sometimes detained without arrest, and so forth. You can ask any questions you want and they will be happy to explain. It helped me understand the logic behind some things that I would see in a situation that would at first sight leave me confused. Since these important things are not being researched or covered by the mainstream media, it is ultimately up to us to seek that information and come to an understanding.

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Colorado Native

An important first step

As a mental health professional, I often hear about the difficulties individuals perceive in their dealings with the government and other authority figures, like police. I think the biggest issue the public seems to have with police is the disconnect to these men and women as people. Humans. What Steve Warneke achieves in his book is the humanization of the people in blue. His authentic writing style allows the reader to glimpse police officers as those absolutely committed to the greater good, yet imperfect at the same time. The book is funny and engaging - and shows the human struggles of these dedicated individuals in their communities and world at large. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is interested in truly understanding the process of becoming a police office, as well as those who are open to challenging their preconceived opinions on police work.

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Marla Reis

 A Psychologist's Review

This book puts a realistic perspective of what it’s like being a police officer. The author did a great job at trying to remind the public of just how much dedication and sacrifice an officer delivers on a daily basis in order to truly protect and serve, including sometimes having to make the ultimate sacrifice. Another great perspective the author pointed out that is so often overlooked is that 99.99% of police officers are loyal public servants who tirelessly do heroic work every day, yet the media hardly ever speaks about this. Instead, the media overly focuses on the .01% of officers who make poor choices that tarnish the profession. Well, I’m not so sure there are many other professions where you can have 99.99% of its employees willing to give fully dedicated and ethical service on a daily basis. This book was written for the everyday person to get a well rounded understanding of what police officers actually do and the emotional toll the job sometimes takes. It is an easy to read well written book that will take you on a journey into the lives of America’s Finest!

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Diana K


From Boy to Blue is a very easy and compelling read. The book is an intriguing and thought provoking collection of stories of a distinguished police officer serving in Colorado. Mr. Warneke’s stories offer incredible insight into the relationship between the police and the public, from the often forgotten perspective of police training and experience. Understanding this perspective will help the reader in any of their dealings with the police, and help the reader understand why the police behave in certain ways. Mr. Warneke also effectively humanizes the police, reminding the reader that they make both personal and financial sacrifices to protect and serve the general public. This is particularly conveyed well when Mr. Warneke discusses his memories of fallen comrades. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in better understanding the relationship between the police and the public from the police’s perspective.

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George P.

Five Stars

Loved this book! It has such an honest and passionate perspective into the day to day life of a policeman. Makes one appreciate the life and death scenarios these brave men and women face every day.

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    Toni A


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