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LEDS describes my daily life to a T

-  Mehmet Emin

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I am fascinated by your study and how you focus on law enforcement specific symptoms versus the common generic diagnosis of PTSD.

You put into words exactly what I’ve been going through…I’m 50 now and it’s getting worse as I age.

I read your website and was extremely impressed with your approach to helping cops identify with the concept of LEDS.

LEDS Quotes

How Steve's Work is Making a Difference.


Law Enforcement Distress Syndrome (LEDS) is defined as a psychological condition developed by some law enforcement officers due to prolonged exposure to continuous threat, violence, trauma, accidents, and crime. Symptoms may include hypervigilance, revenge/vengeance paranoia, distrust of others, antisocial behavior, fatalistic thinking, adrenaline addiction, depression, suicidal thoughts or actions, and alcohol or substance abuse issues, although it is possible that not every officer exhibits every symptom and there are varying degrees of severity.

I have exiled myself from most of my lifelong friends and even family members (outside wife and children)…I have about a 30 minute limit to comfort even in family gatherings which will result in me having to leave or seclude myself if at home during any gathering.

As well as not wanting to ever go out in public while off, when I’m home, and it’s time to go to bed, I check the door several times…always make sure my gun and myself are positioned properly to defend a home invasion. Any unknown noise and I’m up clearing the house and if my 7-year-old son sleeps in at all, I go into his room and check to make sure he’s breathing. I’ve seen so much death and evil, my mind always goes to the worst possible outcome.

Here are some quotes about people suffering from LEDS

leds police

Books, videos, or podcasts for more information.

For more information

Speaking to LAPD Officers @ the LAPPL Delegates Conference 2019

Ending Police Suicide Starts NOW. #LEDS

Law Enforcement Distress Syndrome

Please read my full report on the results of my research survey on LEDS here. It is my goal to deliver a comprehensive curriculum to help improve the mental health & wellness of both current and retired police officers.

If this is you, I want you to know that I’ve heard you. I am here to remind you, you’re not alone. I want this report to not make you feel victimized. Instead, my hope is to help you feel EMPOWERED. 

Take Back Your Hapinness

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