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Partisan Policing

Discussing politics is one of my least favorite things. Of course, I have my own beliefs on all the social issues (and even if you think you know what they are, I bet you would be surprised). It seems like nobody persuades anybody about anything, that everyone already has their mind made up, and God forbid they hone in on a dissenter. When that happens, here comes a full offensive with conversion as the goal. Unfortunately, this usually takes the form of screaming sentiments of shame, ignorance, and name-calling.

Even more frustrating is that many things in pop culture have also somehow become politicized, when it shouldn’t matter at all. I’m not just talking about the plethora of usual social issues that tend to find themselves center stage in any political arena. I’m referring to issues I believe to be mutually exclusive of party affiliation. The war on cops is a perfect example of this.

Since when is supporting police officers a Republican endeavor? I fail to see how supporting police means you can’t be a Democrat. For me, this is akin to saying, “Anyone who prefers blueberry ice cream to strawberry, is a Republican.” There’s nothing partisan about understanding police work, giving police the necessary tools to do their job, and supporting them after they’ve been forced to make a split-second decision based on limited facts. Police serve and protect all Americans no matter parry affiliation.

You see, I don’t ever tell people which party they should affiliate with or how they should vote. I don’t assign people to groups of “Republican” or “Democrat.” I don’t care who you voted for in the last presidential election. My messages regarding police and the war on cops transcend politics. My messages are meant to persuade people sure, but I attempt to do this by education about the job as well as revealing true facts, and making logical, sensible arguments. When people are presented with a better understanding, rather than screaming threats, those without an iron in the fire are reasonable and can agree.

I’m not a police officer anymore. So, why am I this passionate and believe so strongly in my messages? Well, there are several reasons.

Firstly, the job of police officer is one of the most important jobs in the country. It affords us our amazing quality of life. One can point to the emotional and physical state of a city after any major storm, or any number of increasing protests around the country, and see that we are constantly teetering on the brink of a state of chaos, violence, vandalism, and anarchy. Police are here to protect us from those evils.

Secondly, I was a cop for fifteen years. I know the quality of men and women that are out doing that very thankless job. I know firsthand how a lack of understanding and communication is leading this misguided narrative that police officers are out of control in this country. Because of this, the brave people who do this job are resigning in droves. This is bad news for the rest of us when we need them to serve.

Lastly, police officers are taking a step back. They are afraid to get into confrontations. They now know every call might result in scrutiny, and therefore has the potential to thrust them into the spotlight, force them to resign, move away, and hide out. That’s not the hero’s parade they deserve. As a result of this hesitation to do proactive work, more criminals are free and the streets are less safe.

All I ask of anyone that comes across my book From Boy To Blue, my articles, podcasts, or any other messages I put out is that they just try and be open to what I have to say. With my expertise and experience, I have something invaluable to share. I constantly explain transparency and processes of government, existing laws and policies that concern law enforcement in our country.

I’m open and willing to listen to you too. Lets just agree that we do this in a respectful manner. And since it’s irrelevant, maybe we can also agree to leave our “Democrat” or “Republican” lapel pins checked at the door as well. One thing is for sure when you come to my place—I don’t care what flavor ice cream you choose. At the end of the day, my main mission is one of healing this country, not dividing it.


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