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Just A Little Reminder About Your Cops...

Here’s just a tiny handful of extraordinary things I’ve either been a part of or have witnessed during my tenure with the police department. I write these to remind everyone that the men and women in blue are out there to protect, serve, and come to your rescue…not to hurt you.

During a major blizzard, officers travel in packs of four, parking at the bottom of your street because the police SUV can’t make it up the road. The officers walk up your street one laborious step after another, in waist-high snow, to come save you from an abusive spouse.

During a fire, officers came into your burning building and crawled on their hands and knees to come get you and your cat out of harm’s way to safety.

During a bomb threat at a major public transportation bub, officers converged around a suspicious device, getting everyone out of the area despite the name-calling and irritation. They then secured the device, the area, and handled the incident.

During a flood, officers approached dangerous, rushing waters after you drove through them when you shouldn’t have and are now in danger. The officers come save you before any harm can come to you.

These are the men and women that are out there every day. These are the men and women who wear the badge. These are the men and women who we call when we need help and they come without hesitation to lend their hand no matter who you are, what you believe, or where you came from.


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