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Are You Ready?

In today's world, there are more and more dangerous situations taking place out in the open: shootings, knife fights, brawls, etc. Are you prepared to defend yourself? As a retired cop, I am always on the alert, even when I'm not on the job. It's what I was trained to do, and once you learn to recognize the things you need to lookout for, you can't really turn it off... Surprisingly, this behavior becomes automatic.

In the academy, they teach everyone this saying: hands, weapons, footing, associates, cover, escape routes. These are things cops have to be constantly aware of. Not only that- they all have to be assessed instantly and simultaneously. For yourself and for every other person on the scene.

What does all that mean??? I'll share with you an excerpt from Chapter 1 of my book From Boy To Blue, so you too can be aware of how best to think on your feet and protect yourself in a threatening situation.

*Chapter One- Changing of the Mental Guards, From Boy To Blue: Becoming One Of America's Finest


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