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Although no longer on the air at WFTL, we felt it important to keep our archive of shows and articles available for consumers. Hope you have your pencil ready! There's a lot of information on these shows. Get ready to learn and be entertained...


The Steve Warneke Show 5/30/2020

First, a retired sergeant reacts to the Minnesota violence. Then, are you going to be flying during the pandemic? We have an airline reporter w/ the latest updates you need to know before you go. Last but not least, cut your grocery bill in half! You got a Krazy Coupon expert here to help you save 50-90% off!

The Steve Warneke Show 5/23/2020

We are joined by car expert and award-winning author, Jack Nerad who says this might be the last chance to get an amazing car deal! Then, we recover $2,400 for a consumer who waited 6 months to get his couch replaced. Finally, out of health insurance? Tori Marsh from GoodRX joins us with your options!

The Steve Warneke Show 5/16/2020

Steve gives HIS version of a Masterclass to help you buy your next car at the best deal. Then, the Supermarket Guru, Phil Lempert, joins us to tell you why grocery prices are so high, what to expect, and how to save money. Finally, an expert dog trainer helps you get your dogs to walk nicely on a leash!

The Steve Warneke Show 5/9/2020

We have a food container expert talk about the importance of packing food correctly and about tamper-proof containers. Then, a consumer problem with a damaged couch. Next, attorney Cathleen Scott joins us and gives us a CARES update regarding unemployment benefits. Finally, we speak to Nancy Brandt who talks about her nonprofit sharing the love of dogs with first responders. With kennels empty across America, we rediscover the magic of dogs during all our own coronavirus trauma.

The Steve Warneke Show 5/2/2020

💇Celebrity Hairstylist Sascha Breuer is here to give advice on all your at-home haircare questions!
📱Consumer Peter has a problem with his phone company processing a return on an Apple Watch... We SOLVE IT!
🏡Can't stay at your FL home due to COVID-19? Need someone to watch your house? We've got an expert for YOU!
✍️Closing on a home soon? Remote online notaries are now a thing this year!

The Steve Warneke Show 4/25/2020

Your Detective of the Air Steve Warneke and his side-kick investigator Captain Kelley bring you the BEST of the show! Today, we revisit UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS and how to get that money! Termite season is HERE and we answer YOUR CALL-IN QUESTIONS with a local EXPERT. Plus, we've got our #HappyHeadlines to keep the quarantine stress away, along with a psychiatrist to talk about the psychology behind isolation! 

The Steve Warneke Show 4/18/2020

Low on cash and need to pay your mortgage? We have an expert explain the difference between forbearance and refinancing. PLUS we discuss the future post-COVID-19: Will home chefs become more popular than restaurants? Lastly, are online legal documents valid? A Florida attorney offers insight and free designations for healthcare workers and first responders.

The Steve Warneke Show 4/11/2020

Can coronavirus get you out of your new house contract? We have an experienced real estate attorney who explains "force majure" and whether or not the COVID-19 pandemic qualifies as "an act of God". Plus, a special guest shares a free platform where you can dance and workout in the comfort and convenience of your own home! Finally, WE'RE SPREADING THE NEWS of EXTRAORDINARY good deeds performed by local businesses for their employees.

The Steve Warneke Show 4/4/2020

Today we are starting the #CovidHairChallenge, NEW unemployment benefits for YOU, a consumer's septic tank nightmare, how renters can tour a home safely while practicing #socialdistancing, and a very special SURPRISE GUEST talks about GUN SAFETY during a time of soaring sales.

The Steve Warneke Show 3/28/2020

Today we have advice from Dr. Nancy Snyderman about how COVID-19 pandemic compares. We have FREE apps and online fun to keep your quarantine boredom at bay. Also, Teresa Hunsaker offers advice on how to safely bring in groceries and takeout. Lastly, we share a growing list of virus scams! Beware!

The Steve Warneke Show 3/21/2020

We’re embracing the "Shelter In Place"... How cool that we are able to broadcast our radio show to 850 WFTL from home in our robes and curlers! The quarantine can't stop us from helping South Florida consumers! We've got special guests and experts Dr. Jerett Watnick, CEO Derek Eichenwald, and Mr. Joe Rondinelli! Special thanks to Hubbard Radio for making this possible during this time!

The Steve Warneke Show 3/14/2020

Spending more time at home thanks to the coronavirus? WE'LL KEEP YOU ENTERTAINED! Today we've got a story about a SERVICE DOG being denied entry to a business and we have an ADA lawyer to talk about the laws regarding service animals. We also have Florida's Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Services on the line to explain how CONSUMERS LIKE YOU can use their website to find a plethora of resources! It all starts NOW!

The Steve Warneke Show 3/7/2020

South Florida is a hub for tourists and travel connections, including being a popular cruise port. So to protect our consumers and keep them aware, we’ve put together Coronavorus COVID19 Helpful Links and Latest Cruise Ship Updates! PLUS we are helping a nurse who's movers seem to be holding her belongings hostage and a man whose insurance won't cover an emergency room visit he double-checked with ahead of time!

The Steve Warneke Show 2/29/2020

We've got a great show today: the Mayor of Fort Lauderdale talks about the future of Fort Lauderdale's waterways, the owner of Gulfstream Termite & Environmental Service gives termite advice, and several listeners call in with car service issues. We're tackling all of it NOW with Your Detective of the Air! 

The Steve Warneke Show 2/22/2020

Today the Better Business Bureau explains how you can use their website to pick the right companies or file complaints. We also talk about spot treatment v tenting for termites, and we help you get your ZEN on by teaching you about the newest yoga craze! Lastly, if you have problems with your MRI billing? You won't want to miss this episode! LISTEN NOW!

The Steve Warneke Show 2/15/2020

In this episode, we expose a runaway wedding photographer and the city's response to your high water bills! Plus learn what to do if someone calls to solicit donations, and how best to donate to police! LISTEN NOW!

The Steve Warneke Show 2/1/2020

Mystery shopper scams are popping up in South Florida... Find out how to spot one from a financial fraud detective! Plus we investigate a tree-trimming company who did good work, but then didn't finish the job??? Listen NOW!

The Steve Warneke Show 1/25/2020

CHECK OUT OUR FIRST SHOW on 850 WFTL! Consumer advocate Steve Warneke explains the show concept this episode and tackles house flipping advice and the case of a run-away water bill. Listen NOW!

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