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From Boy To Blue

Award-Winning Memoir

From Boy To Blue is honest, vulnerable, and intense. This book will make you laugh, cry, and most importantly, it will reveal a never before heard perspective about law enforcement, changing the public's perception of the police and making your next encounter safer for everyone. The world needs this book more than ever!

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"Steve's passion for the job, emotional honesty and resilient sense of humor offer a provocative new look that will change the way you view modern-day policing in America" -Dr. Jaime Brower, Psy.D., ABPP                                   

"5 Stars!!"

"Just Awesome!" 

"Thrilling Memoir!"

 "The Ultimate Ride Along!"


The relationship between law enforcement and American citizens is in trouble. A lack of understanding of officers' roles and increased media controversy has forced public perception of police to an all-time low. The public no longer trusts the police, creating a chasm between law enforcement and ordinary citizens. This book heals that divide, brining us together again. 


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