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For years, I struggled with travel. I found hypervigilance, anxiety, and fear were keeping me grounded. Through my mindfulness practice, faith, and personal growth work, I did it! I'm out there exploring the world. To celebrate, and because I love to write, I started blogging about my travel.​


Dear Destination is a one-of-a-kind travel blog. Only I would notice this kind of stuff! You'll really get a feeling about a city after reading one of my articles. Sorry about the bangability section Mom!

Dear Portland Article
Dear Austin Article
Dear Buenos Ares Article
Retired Officer Jeremy Scharlow's Success Story

Retired officer Jeremy Scharlow tells about the gunfight that left him physically and mentally wounded. Scharlow bravely shares his story and the aftermath from the moment bullets went flying to how he copes with it today. Hear about his success pulling himself out of depression and misery and learning to how to live life again. You can visit his website at

Diet Success Article
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