The Steve Warneke Show 2/22/2020

Today the Better Business Bureau explains how you can use their website to pick the right companies or file complaints. We also talk about spot treatment v tenting for termites, and we help you get your ZEN on by teaching you about the newest yoga craze! Lastly, if you have problems with your MRI billing? You won't want to miss this episode! LISTEN NOW!

The Steve Warneke Show 2/15/2020

In this episode, we expose a runaway wedding photographer and the city's response to your high water bills! Plus learn what to do if someone calls to solicit donations, and how best to donate to police! LISTEN NOW!

The Steve Warneke Show 2/1/2020

Mystery shopper scams are popping up in South Florida... Find out how to spot one from a financial fraud detective! Plus we investigate a tree-trimming company who did good work, but then didn't finish the job??? Listen NOW!

The Steve Warneke Show 1/25/2020

CHECK OUT OUR FIRST SHOW on 850 WFTL! Consumer advocate Steve Warneke explains the show concept this episode and tackles house flipping advice and the case of a run-away water bill. Listen NOW!