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Mayor Reveals Future for Ft. Lauderdale's Waterways, Expert Termite Advice, & Callers' Car Troubles

It was an action-packed episode in our West Palm Beach studio at 850 WFTL this past weekend, complete with the Mayor of Fort Lauderdale discussing the future of Fort Lauderdale's waterways, the owner of Gulfstream Termite & Environmental Service giving termite advice, and several listeners calling in with car service issues.

We're tackling all of it NOW with Your Detective of the Air!

During last week's show, Tom M. from imperial Point called in about a termite problem and asked whether Steve recommended spot treatments v. tenting the whole house. Tom's current "bug guy" quoted him $1400 just for his front door. With other listeners also inquiring, Steve followed up with an expert's professional opinion. Enter Jeffrey Freebold, owner of Gulfstream Termite & Environmental Services in West Palm Beach.

"With spot treatments, you're just gonna pay particular where the activity is at. What you're gonna do is isolate the area and spot treat around there."

Mr. Freebold went on to explain there are two kinds of termites in South Florida... Drywood variety or Subterranean variety that come out of the ground.

"Generally, after 3, 4, or 5 years they'll start swarming as a mature colony, and once you see them come out on the wings on them, they can reinfest any art of the house."

At that point, Mr. Freebold's advice was to fumigate the house as the best option unless you're in a duplex or apartment complex and you're forced to spot treat.

However, homeowners can't really fumigate subterranean termites since their colonies exist underground.

Mr. Freebold also mentioned how Broward County currently has a problem around the New River area with termites hunting all the moisture in the air.

"Subterranean [termites] can do substantial damage in very little time."

Our Detective of the Air also clarified with Mr. Freebold that you can usually tell the type of termites in the house by the type of wings & droppings left around the house, but it helps to have an expert to properly identify them.

Another helpful hint from our termite expert was for anyone considering remodeling or building a new home.

"If you're gonna do construction, make sure you use that Bluwood and put it in your house."

BluWood is a preconstruction, factory-applied, two-part wood protection system. BluWood contains DOT and is applied to protect the wood from fungus and wood-destroying insects, including Formosan termites.

We also discovered that according to state law, you get a one-year warranty after you fumigate your home.

And for those of you worried about how the gas might affect your family afterward? Fear not, since it's an inhalant, there is no residual leftover once you air out the house. Your pest control provider brings out a gas meter to make sure they clear the structure of any toxic levels- you don't have to prep or wash anything- so you can rest assured, according to experts, you and your pets are SAFE!

If you're looking for more expert advice with termite season three weeks away, you can find out more at www.gulfstreambugs.com or call 877-BUG-WISE!

"Ft. Lauderdale To Be The Most Resilient City in Florida"


Fort Lauderdale's Mayor, Dean Trantalis has been under immense pressure from the Fort Lauderdale community for solutions to the city sewer pipes bursting left and right from their own high-pressure situations.

Radio host Steve Warneke introduced our special guest with a positive note, commenting on what an outstanding job Mayor Trantalis has done communicating to the public about what's happening, where the city is at and where they're going, on social media, in meetings, and public announcements.

The mayor acknowledged that it's been a tough undertaking to get cooperation,

"We have a lot on our plate, and unfortunately, there are those who are still looking to find blame and point fingers..."

And it's true, many in the community have been blaming Mayor Trantalis and his administration for dropping the ball, when in fact, the problems that plague the city's sewer system now, gave warning signs of impending disaster long ago.

"Keep in mind back in 2016 we had another sewer break over in Tarpon River and which was a major a disaster in that area and that's when we woke up, I mean, that's when I woke up, realizing that [the previous] administration had been lying to us, telling us that everything was structurally sound."

And Mayor Trantalis came to The Steve Warneke Show prepared to set the record straight on steps his administration is taking in Fort Lauderdale, explaining that when he took off a couple of years ago, his first goal was to change the administration's methodology of spending money and focus on trying to rebuild Fort Lauderdale's infrastructure entirely.

"And we have done that, and it took a little time not everyone understood the importance of the things that we needed to do, but ultimately the Commission came together... In a couple weeks you're gonna hear an announcement where we're going to completely eliminate that drain on the [water and sewer] fund. So what are we doing going forward, we are rebuilding the main sewage pipe that ran from 17th Street Causeway... up to Coral Ridge Golf Course."


The city is rebuilding seven and a half miles of sewer line to the tune of 65 million dollars. With contractors currently installing the pipe, the mayor is excited for his city to finally put its head around the challenge and get the job done. What was originally planned to take 5 years, under the new administration could take only 18 months, with the contractors advising an early completion by the end of this year...

"This goes to show you that this commission, a can-do commission, [is] getting the job done now."

Mayor Trantalis also shared the Commission's decision to rebuild the city's out-dated water treatment plant to make it more resilient so the city doesn't run out of water if a category five hurricane hits.

The Mayor of Fort Lauderdale also revealed that once the seven-mile sewer line is replaced with a new one, the city is going back to the old pipes that have continued to break, and with new technologies, realign them for a redundant, backup system—just in case.

He also explained that the Commission is taking cleanup of the waterways from multiple perspectives besides sewer bursts, including limiting insecticides on lawns, etc., trying to ensure the quality of the waterways.

With this thorough plan of objectives already well underway, the mayor hopes within the next 36 months, Fort Lauderdale is going to be a shining example, the most resilient city in the state of Florida.

"We are the Venice of America—we should be proud of our waterways, our livelihood depends on it... this is important to me, I know it's important to the rest of the Commission because we have to maintain our environment—that's the most important thing."

For more updates, follow the City of Fort Lauderdale for the latest news.

Cars Customers Can't Even Drive Off The Lot After Service

We then went to the phones for our first caller, Renee from Coconut Creek, who was getting a serpentine belt replaced in her 2004 Honda CRV at a car care center in Pompano Beach.

After having paid $160 to get it replaced, Renee went to pick it up hours later, but claimed that the steering was so tight she couldn't drive it. Renee also claimed that a bunch of other problems had sudden;y appeared after the car was serviced.

"I'm beside myself."

Captain Kelley and Detective Steve are on the case!

We also heard from Calvin from Miami who had purchased a gold 2002 Infiniti i35 before realizing he had an oil leak. Not your average Joe, Calvin often fixes up cars, but knew he had to rely on an expert for this job. He had the rear main seal repaired by an auto shop in Miramar, but returned the following day to show their mechanic the oil was still leaking. The mechanic apparently alleged the leak was coming from a different spot. The two parties couldn't agree on the source of the leak. On top of that, the mounts and other items that need to be removed to do the repair were bolted incorrectly according to Calvin...

"Basically, everything was hand tight."

Now he can't get the auto shop to answer or return his calls...

Capt. Kelley and Det. Steve will investigate and see if they can get a response for him.

Tune in next Saturday for updates!

If you haven't already, or need more information, listen to the recorded show HERE!



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